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myportraitcollage2Some words about Nadine. Nadine Platt is a British artist. Her younger years were devoted to Classical Art. At the age of 12 she was accepted to an Art School where she studied Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Composition and History of Art. Later, she enriched her artistic experience through studying and practicing Modern Art styles. Nadine works across different Genres, such as Landscapes, Seascapes etc. In her work she has always experimented with different Media. Apart from traditional Oil, Acrylic and Watercolours, she has used concrete, plaster, plaster of Paris, wood, perspex, silk and other modern media.  After having majored in Art and Design from a British University, she was commissioned to produce the entire Interior Design of an Italian restaurant “La Strada” in Towcester. For some time, she ran her Gallery in this town, where she also taught principles and techniques of Classical Watercolour Painting. In 2003, she was an invited Artist to teach Watercolour Landscape painting at the Summer Arts Events organized by Stowe Gardens. Later, she taught watercolour for a group of Catholic Mothers at the Rushden Church of St. Mary.

 In 2008 Nadine exhibited at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes. The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of the City. All proceeds from selling her paintings, over £2000, were donated to the Greek Orthodox Church, towards the foundation of the church. In May 2011, she held an Exhibition at Swinfen Harris Church Hall, London Road, Stony Stratford, supporting the same cause.

Eifman's Ballet Anna KareninaOn this website you can also read  Nadine’s blogs  where she writes about Art related subjects.

The Uncommon Herd In November 2012 she produced the book cover design for The Uncommon Herd by  William Presslie, which is already taking its rightful part in the history of the North East of Scotland. You can acquire the book in the Art Shop HERE




At the moment, she is specialising in Portrait painting and  Photography and is also passionate about painting animals, especially Horses


To see her recent photographs please visit her General Photography PhotoFocusStudio.co.uk and Product Photography websites www.productphotographeruk.co.uk

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