To Acquire an Art Work

Visit Nadine’s  Art Shop  or Order a print from any painting  presented on this website.

 To order a print please contact Nadine, using CONTACT  page and specify the Name of the Painting you like to be printed, the size of the print and the material on which it should be printed (Please visit Nadine’s Fine Art and Photography blogger website for more information on available printing materials).

The Prints can be produced on:

Art Paper


Float Frame (board)

MDF Wall block

Edged Hover Canvas Frame

 After you send your request, you will receive a confidential reply with information for you to access a password protected page with your specified requirements, from where, you will be able to place an order using your PayPal account.

 You can also acquire an original. Please contact Nadine for more information.

 To Commission a Portrait or a Painting

 A Portrait can be commissioned from a photograph sent to Nadine, otherwise a

standard procedure will be applied, which will  involve interaction with the model.

She will study the model to understand better his or her personality.

 Whether the sessions are for artistic display, commercial campaigns or as private gifts, Nadine always creates original and unforgettable images.

 It takes between 2-4 weeks to produce a portrait, depending on the materials used, size of the canvas and complexity of the composition.

After Nadine accepts the commission, she would spend  2-3 hours sketching the model and then would take some photographs to finish the portrait.

 If necessary, in the middle of the process, Nadine may need to spend another 2 hours with the model in order to verify some details.

The effort and the wide geographic demand for Nadine’s work means that she will only agree to a limited number of commissions. Booked Commissions are subject to Nadine’s availability.

 To Commission a Photograph –
a Portrait or any other subject-matter.

If you would like to Commission a photo session then please visit or to learn more about how to commission her a photograph

or contact her directly on Thank you!